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The scrolling pictures above were taken at our first gathering on the campus of William & Mary on June 9th, 2007. Those assembled at our first gathering (Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish, English, Dutch and other nationalities) were believing for a New Beginning for our nation. It was a great sight to behold...

With all the challenging history between the English colonists who established the first successful colony in America on the shores of Virginia in May, 1607 and the original care takers of this continent, the Native Americans, the organizers of Arise America felt it important to bring these original people groups back to the birthplace of America and get things right in the sight of God. We believe this act of love through our Christian faith has launched a movement of healing in our nation.

The opening of Arise America began with the blowing of seven shofars led by Rabbi Eric Carlson of Congregation Zion's Sake, Newport News, Virginia followed by a protocol (permission, respect and a blessing from a local tribal authority to open our gathering) with a local Native American Chief or representative of Virginia. This greeting and prayer was given by Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock Tribe, a direct descendant of Chief Powhatan who was the leader of many Virginia tribes during the early 1600's. It was through the humanitarian acts of his daughter Matoaka (Pocahontas) that helped keep peace with the English settlers and a much needed food supply coming through trading with the Powhatan Indians.

Immediately following protocol with Chief Anne was the Parade of Nations. This parade included representation from over 30 nations whose flag bearers were Christians that currently live in America. Each nation represented was asked to enter the arena and either dance before the Table of the Lord or have their flag bearer bow their nation's flag before the table. This was an act of respect to the Lord and our desire to honor Him first. The flags from each nation were then folded and given to Chief Anne Richardson as a protocol gift in baskets next to the Table of the Lord.

The majority of nations assembled were students from the Richmond, Virginia based, Youth With a Mission. The Parade of Nations was organized by Joseph Zintsime, a current leader of Youth With a Mission. The Table of the Lord was set up directly in front of the main stage where the leaders of the people groups and local pastors would join together in the taking of the Lord's Supper.

A bit of American History: The first communion ever administered in Virginia by an English priest was given by Reverend Robert Hunt in June of 1607 at Jamestown Island. He was the first clergyman assigned by the Arch Bishop of the Church of England to come to Jamestown from England in 1606 and help establish the first church in this new English colony.

Communion was administered by Chief Anne Richardson and Bishop John Gray, pastor of Bethel Restoration Center of Williamsburg, Virginia followed by a blessing and prayer by Reverend David Sladden, an ordained priest from England.

Immediately following communion, chosen leaders were asked to proclaim liberty and healing over America.

Our Godly heritage as a Christian nation, allied with Israel continues... Come to the next gathering and believe that you along with many others can make a difference in setting a new course of liberty for America's next 400 year history.

 Saint Augustine, Florida

     One of 16 Locations on the East Coast where Christians and Tribes met and Declared The East Gate Declartion on October 10th, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.


Last Gathering: 10-10-10 East Gate Declaration

Sunday, October 10th, 2010 @ 10:00 a.m.

Locations Covered: Salem, MA - Plymouth, MA - Long Island, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Middletown, DE; Washington, DC; Richmond, VA; Jamestown, VA; Franklin, VA; Suffolk, VA; Manteo, NC; Raleigh, NC; Charleston, SC; Daytona Beach & St. Augustine, FL (Pictured above) 

Purpose: A day in history for declaring the glory of the Lord to sweep across America from the East to the West. From very historical locations up and down the East Coast. Christians gathered to proclaim the following declaration over our nation.

The East Gate Declaration


According to Your prophetic word, Heaven has a great plan for the East Coast of America and You will send a spiritual fire up and down its coast that will not be put out. Churches, worship centers and even reservations will be overwhelmed by your glory. Healings and salvations will begin to take place in massive numbers.


Today we declare that barrenness is broken off the church, crippled no longer, but filled with joy and abundant life. According to Your Word in Acts, Chapter 3, You can restore the strength of a man crippled from birth to where those in the church don’t even recognize him.


Gathered here today at America’s East Gate are those with Acts 3 faith, like Peter and John who believed in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.


We are declaring today by faith in Christ that the church in America will stand up and walk in the glory of the Lord, no longer crippled with a religious spirit but one of victory and freedom.


Today, the harvest fields of America are ready and the church has come to harvest.


Today, we believe the East Gate of America is opened by the powerful hand of God.


We call forth the Holy Spirit through the East Gate to distribute heavenly power from the East Coast to the West Coast.


We declare God’s glory is healing those wounded in the church, on the streets and living on reservations.


We proclaim that believer’s hearts are set ablaze to share the good news of Jesus & release a demonstration of His Power.


We believe that cities all across America are being converted into revival centers.


We declare that hospitals and nursing homes are being filled with God’s glory. Eyes and ears are being opened, the lame are walking, all types of diseases are being destroyed, new limbs are supernaturally growing and the sound of rejoicing is echoing in the hall ways.


Today is a New Beginning in American history. God, let this day be one in which Your mercy and power floods the United States of America.


Today, let Righteous Recovery sweep across our nation and Your Word be written on the hearts of the people of our nation.


We declare 10-10-10 to be a day that God’s Breaker Anointing is released through the East Gate of

America like a tsunami wave to heal His church and release His GLORY!




Pictured From Left to Right: Pastors Wade & Lisa Trump, Jamestown Christian Fellowship; Chief Anne Richardson, Rappahannock Tribe; Chief William & Deanna Guy/Clifford Guy, Pokanoket Tribe; Rabbi Eric Carlson, Congregation Zion's Sake; & Rev. Mary Ellis, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  (This picture was taken before the Sunday morning service at Jamestown Christian Fellowship)

Plymouth and Jamestown Tribes Connect

Friday night, June 5th , 2009 @ Congregation Zion's Sake &

Sunday morning, June 7th @ Jamestown Christian Fellowship

Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock Tribe of Virginia is a direct descendant of the Great Chief Powhatan and his daughter Matoka (Pochantas). Powhatan traded with the colonists at Jamestown,Virginia and provided them with much needed food supplies during the first few challenging years.

Chief Winds of Thunder of the Pokanoket Nation is a direct descendant of the Great Chief Ousa Mequin who also helped the Pilgrims survive their early years in Massachusetts. He is the first male since Metacomet (King Philip) in 1676 to be leader over the Pokanoket Nation. When the pilgrims arrived in 1620, there was over 60 tribes united under the Wampanoag Nation later named the Pokanoket Nation.

It was God's favor and divine timing that brought these two Native American leaders together on June 5th & 7th, 2009. Native American tribes traditionally meet at Pow Wows where honored guests such as chiefs, elders and drum teams from other tribes are invited. The leaders of both tribes are Christians and we are so blessed that God has truly shown His favor for this historical gathering to have taken place.

Chief Anne Richardson welcomed the Pokanoket Nation into her Virginia territory with a traditional protocol on Sunday morning, June 7th at Jamestown Christian Fellowship in Williamsburg, Virginia. This included a formal welcome into her territory followed by a gift exchange. This is done as an act of respect, honor and friendship.

On Sunday morning at Jamestown Christian Fellowship, the two tribal leaders from Plymouth, Massachusetts and Jamestown led in administering the Lord's Supper. This was truly a first on American soil. This act of remembering our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ coupled with the faith to believe for a new trust and friendship between the two tribes and the English descendants were accomplished and many tears were shed as a result of this very touching moment in American history.                                  


            William & Deanna Guy                Clifford Guy (Lion Heart)                     Plymouth & Virginia Chiefs                   Grand Entry Into

              (Winds of Thunder)                  Pokanoket Spiritual Leader                           Greet Each Other                Jamestown Christian Fellowship

                     These great leaders from two of America's most Historical Tribes, proudly express their love and  faith in Jesus Christ.