Natick, Massachusetts Gathering at the Waterfalls


Natick/Plymouth Massachusetts


Thursday & Friday  August 7th & 8th, 2008 


New Beginnings for Natick & Plymouth, Massachusetts



 The Family


The Dance

Natick Praying Indians  Prepare to take Communion on this History Making Day

Deer Island

333 (1675-2008) years ago, the Natick Praying Indians were forced to board three ships by the English on October 31, 1675 and leave their villages headed for an isolated island in the Boston Harbor called Deer Island.

In their two year internment, over half of the 500 Christian Indians died of starvation and exposure to the harsh New England weather. According to Chief Caring Hands, they were not allowed to make a fire, fish or hunt athough deer were on the island.

These unrighteous acts were brought before the Lord at the entrance of the Deer Island on August 8th, 2008 at approximately 5:00 p.m. by a group of Christians and Messianic Jews who shared in the Lord's supper together believing for a New Beginning for America through our actions.



Lion Heart (Clifford Guy) of the Pokanoket Tribe (Plymouth) Participates in the Ceremony


Chief Caring Hands & Pastor Wade Trump after the Historic Service Inside Eliot's Church


337 Years they Waited and Chief Caring Hands  Conducts the First Gospel Message from a Praying Indian in Eliot's Church on    9-11-12


Happy Little Praying Indian Inside Eliot's Church

Chief Caring Hands and the Natick Praying Indians United with members of Jamestown Christian Fellowship (Pastors Wade & Lisa Trump/Williamsburg, VA); Congregation Zion's Sake (Rabbi Eric Carlson/Newport News, VA); Rappahannock Tribe  (Chief Anne Richardson/Indian Neck, VA) and other special participants.

*Other special participants were Reverend David Sladden from England; Ron Burhoff from Cincinatti, Ohio; and Jeff Marks, New England Concert of Prayer.

History of the Natick Praying Indians

Reverend John Eliot gathered various tribes from eastern Massachusetts during the early 1600's to teach and convert them to Christianity. These indians were known as the Natick Praying Indians. Elliot developed the Natick dictionary and developed the first Native American written language. He was also credited with creating the Natick Bible, the first Bible printed for Indians. Also, the first Native American minister came through Eliot's efforts, Daniel Takawambpait.

The Natick Praying Indians remained loyal friends to the English and possible saved the Massachusetts Bay Colony during King Phillip's War of 1675-76. King Phillip was a native leader who rebelled against the English and caused harsh reactions from the English towards all Indians in Massachusetts.

The greatest of these harsh treaments was placing the Natick Indians along with other Indians on Deer Island, an island in Boston Harbor. They were deported to this island in the winter of 1675. Due to no supplies or assistance from the English, most died within months due to starvation and exposure to the extreme cold weather of that region.

These unrighteous acts done toward these Christian Indians will be addressed and dealt with during our spiritual journey with Chief Caring Hands and members of her tribe that are able to travel with us.

We concluded our spiritual journey with a meal and fellowship at the John Carver Inn in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This was an effort to leave the region on a very positive note, a meal with Native and English descendants and a faith to believe our efforts have extended God's grace to the state of Massachusetts.

This was not a conference. It was a walk back in time to get right what our forefathers did wrong. It's our hope to start a New Beginning for Massachusetts at the Lord's Table and with His love shared with our new relationship with the Natick Praying Indians and Chief Caring Hands and the Pokanoket Nation.

Actions Taken

Thursday, August 7th @ 7 P.M. (Natick - Hampton Inn - Plymouth Meeting Room)      Protocol, Worship & Gifting

Chief Caring Hands and her husband welcomed the group to Natick. Present were Chief Anne Richardson from the Rappahanock Tribe in Virginia representing the Native American leadership from Virginia. Rabbi Eric Carlson from Congregation Zion's Sake, Newport News, Virginia represented the Messianic Jewish leadership from Virginia. Pastors Wade and Lisa Trump from Jamestown Christian Fellowship, Williamsburg, Virginia represented the English descendants from Virginia. Rev. David Sladden from England represented the English clergy that came to establish the Christian faith in America in the 1600's at both the Jamestown and Plymouth settlements and Jeff Marks, New England Concert of Prayer.

Much thanks goes to Jeff Marks! He was the one responsible for sharing Chief Caring Hands contact information with me in the initial stages of establishing a relationship with the Natick Praying Indian leader. Jeff Marks led an East Coast, 13 Colony Prayer Journey with Brian Mills, and highly trusted intercessor and author from England. His book, Sins of the Fathers, published in 1999 is a great read for understanding some of the mistakes the English forefathers made in establishing the American Colonies.

Friday, August 8th @ 10 A.M. - 4 P.M.  (Natick - Chochituate State Park and Eliot Church)  Welcome, Dance, Readings, Declartations & Fellowship

Natick Campgrounds - Welcome from the Natick Praying Indians on the land where each year they have their pow wow. Prayers and a traditional dance were shared along with Chief Anne Richardson reading bible.

Natick Church - Met at the location of the first church established for the Natick Indians where Reverend John Eliot and others taught the Natick's the Word of God.

Natick Waterfalls - The location where the 500 Natick Praying Indians were loaded on three ships and sent to Deer Island. Declaration prayers were given and a word by Rabbi Eric Carlson.

Deer Island, Boston Harbor - Communion and declaration of blessing for the Natick Indians and America.

Plymouth - Fellowship and Celebration Meal at the John Carver Inn. 

Believing for a redue of the harvest celebration meal that the original Pilgrims celebrated with their new found indian neighbors, we enjoyed fellowship together at the John Carver Inn dinning facility. The John Carver Inn was built on the location of the original Pilgrim settlement.

Friday, August 8th @ 5:00 P.M. (Deer Island, Boston Harbor)                                        Communion

Chief Caring Hands and other members of the Natick Praying Indians took communion with a group of Christians and Messianic Jews who traveled from Virginia as a part of the Arise America team. Communion was led by Rabbi Eric Carlson of Congregation Zion's Sake, Newport News, Virginia & Chief Anne Richardson of the Rappahannock Tribe, Indian Neck, Virginia.

Prior to arriving at Deer Island there was a rainbow that appeared in the sky over the Deer Island. Those who witnessed this history making gathering all agreed that it was God's signature in the sky approving His joy of this recovenanting moment for our nation.

After taking communion, Chief Caring Hands prayed that God would restore this Faith Gate with blessing and cut off the curse from this horable act commited by the English.

Saturday, August 11th, 2012 @ 2 P.M. (Natick, MA)                                             Historic re-entry into the Eliot Church by the Natick Praying Indians

The Eliot Church leadership agreed to allow the Natick Praying Indians and Chief Caring Hands to hold their first service in the church in 337 years!

As a witness (Pastor Wade Trump, Jamestown Christian Fellowship/Williamsburg, VA) of this gathering, my heart was full of joy for this historical day in America. What I have termed "Righteous Recovery" had finally taken place in Natick, Massachusetts. The wrong done to Christian believers (Natick Praying Indians) had finally been reversed to honor and blessing in God's Sight.

The people who were present for this historical gathering marched around the church once, led by the drum and then the children of the tribe.

After a full circle around the church the tribe met on the steps of the church where four years ago to the very week we met and prayed with the tribe that the doors of the church would be open for them to have a service in their church.

Next, there was four shouts of joy released on the steps by everyone present to the North, East, South and West before entering the church.

As the tribe entered in single file, led by the grandchildren and children, Caring Hands entered the church followed by the large circular drum being beat by two tribal members. What a sight to behold....

I hope you take the time to go to these two websites and read/watch videos of what happened.


Chief Caring Hands

  Steps of Eliot Church on August 11th, 2012  


    Reverend John Eliot     


Historical Eliot Church     Natick, Massachusetts


337 years later the Natick Praying Indians were allowed to preach the Gospel in the church built for them by Reverend John Eliot in the mid-1600's. Chief Caring Hands was given permission by the current pastor of Eliot's Church to have this historical gathering.

God Bless the Praying Indian






Friday, August 8th, 2008 @ 8:30 P.M. (John Carver Inn, Plymouth, MA)                 Thanksgiving Meal on the same location where the Pilgrims Plantation was built in 1620

Chief Caring Hands (far left in photo) along with Chief Anne Richardson (background) exchange gifts with the Plymouth Pokanoket tribal leaders Winds of Thunder and Lionheart.

A special thank you to the Natick Praying Indians for hosting this historical gathering in Natick, Massachusetts. It was great meeting our new friends from the Pokanoket Nation.

It is through the love of Jesus Christ that those involved in Arise America go from city to city to accomplish great works for the Lord. It is through Jesus Christ and Him alone that we place our faith to give Him the honor and glory for making these gatherings possible.

John 14:6 "Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

As we gather at each of these important "Faith Gates" as we have termed them, our hearts are to cover unrighteous acts of the past with righteous acts (communion & faith in Jesus) in the present. As the word of God instructs, the land can be healed through certain steps of humility before Him.

2 Chronicles 7:14 "If my people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Notice the last four words of this scripture, "will heal their land." We believe that through our actions at Deer Island where hundreds of the Natick Praying Indians were left to die in 1675 & 1676, God is now able to release forgiveness, hear our prayers and heal the land. Where the blood of these Christian Indians once cried out from the ground through unrighteous acts of the English, now the land of Massachusetts and beyond can turn to God and experience the next Great Awakening.

The Power of One - John 17:21 (NKJV)

That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.